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History of Jefferson Roofing

Over 50 years have passed since the first roofing tile was laid by Noral Jefferson the founding father of Jefferson Roofing. Not long after his son Gary Jefferson would follow in his footsteps continuing the proud legacy of expert craftsmanship and custom design. Roofing has been in the Jefferson family for over 5 decades and continues to provide excellence in service throughout Northern California today.  Noral Jefferson heald the title of Top Estimator in Northern California throught his career.


Over the years Noral would go on to work as a roofing contractor with many names in the business.  One company Noral worked with was Alcal Roofing where he worked as an estimator.  This was just the beginning of his training to eventually become known as one of the top roofing experts in Northern California.  He would pass on his skills and traits to his son Gary who would eventually follow in his father's footsteps.

For Gary, It all started at the age of 15 when he would work along side his father. He would do anything needed of him from unloading box cars and trucks full of roofing materials to working in the yard doing clean up chores.


Today Jefferson Roofing is currently run by his Gary Jefferson who belives in the integrity, values and honesty that were passed down from his father.  Gary started as roofer and then eventually became a tile specialist and then supervisor for three diffrent shops for Alcal Roofing. He then went on with other companies such as Solano Roofing before venturing into running his the family business. Today Gary's son Kevin Jefferson has been devoting years and gaining invaluable experience as a foreman for Jefferson Roofing.  One day Kevin will be at the healm of the Jefferson Roofing legacy continuing the craftsman ship synonomous with the family name.







"My new roof looks absolutelty perfect. Thank you for your wonderful service!"

Amy R.,  Napa, CA


“I want to thank you all for your help on my recontruction after the tree destroyed our old roof. Everything was beautiful and was very much admired.”

Suzanne G., Santa Rosa, CA


“Most professional operation I have worked with. The very best”

Larry W. Sonoma, CA

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