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How to Minimize Roof Damage in Case of Emergency


Stay off of the roof. Even a small leak could be the result of serious structural damage and it might

not be safe to walk on the roof.


Turn off power to any equipment or electrical systems that might be exposed to moisture.


Remove equipment, materials and inventory that may be damaged by water.


Isolate the damaged or flooded area.


Block off any areas where water is present and where it might flow.


Stop water from spreading.


Wherever it is safe to do so, and only after shutting off power,

use towels, buckets or any other means you have to prevent the spread of water.


Identify as many damaged areas as possible.


Check the ceiling, walls and floor all around your building to spot any

other leaks or damage that may have occurred.


Contact Jefferson Roofing today for Roof Leak Repair and Prevention.


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